About the Editor


Lynn head shot

 Lynn Grubb is an Illinois adoptee, stepmother, biological mother and adoptive parent.  She is a contributing author to Lost Daughters and to various adoption anthologies including the newly released Dear Wonderful You:  Letters to Adopted & Fostered Youth.

Lynn’s first attempt at publicly writing about adoption was during a free poetry class offered at her public library.  When the teacher read her poem about adoption, she became visibly upset and shaken by its contents. Lynn didn’t give up writing about adoption and found others like her who feel compelled to write about the complexities of being adopted.

Besides writing, Lynn also enjoys singing, playing the violin and the keyboard, and watching true crime shows, which sparked her interest in DNA and genetic genealogy. Two years ago, Lynn began blogging about her DNA discoveries at her blog, No Apologies for Being Me.  More recently, she became active in adoptee rights with the The Adoptee Rights Coalition and is a volunteer co-facilitator of the Adoption Network Cleveland (Miami Valley) general discussion group.

After having a “Eureka” moment at church one day, she envisioned The Adoptee Survival Guide helping adoptees everywhere.

Lynn lives with her husband and two children in Dayton, Ohio.